Consulting, training, parts and service for paper folding machines!Consulting, training, parts and service for paper folding machines!

With over 75 years of combined experience we can help you get the most from your paper folding machines and peripherals. We can answer your folding questions, provide technical support, train your employees and supply you with the parts, accessories and service to keep your equipment running at maximum production. Take advantage of our many years of experience and contact us today for all your paper folding needs.

MBO, Herzog & Heymann, Baum, Stahl & many others...MBO, Herzog & Heymann, Baum, Stahl & many others...

Although our expertise is on the MBO and Herzog & Heymann range of paper folding equipment we can offer our services on most other manufacturers folding equipment as well, including Baum and Stahl. Looking for a new or used piece of equipment? We can advise on what one will do the best job at the most affordable price.

Greeting Card Device

Greeting Card DeviceGreeting Card Device

Eliminate curls and wrinkles from your card stock with our Greeting Card Device. PFF introduces you to a less expensive way to eliminate curls and wrinkles when scoring and folding greeting cards or cover stock. The Greeting Card Device easily attaches to the top guard that covers the top roller to allow for quick setup. Click here for more information. video WATCH VIDEO
Operators Guide

Now available the Operators GuideNow available the Operators Guide

50 plus years of paper folding experience packed into over 40 pages of useful folding information to help you setup, operate and troubleshoot your folding equipment in the least amount of time with increased productivity. Click here for more information and to order your copy today.
Parts for Folders - Consulting

The best possible solutions for your production needs. Advice on folding impositions, layout & more. Lower your production costs.

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Parts for Folders - Training

In house courses for your folder operators. From basic setup to more advanced applications like gluing and gate folding.

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Parts for Folders - Parts

We can supply competitively priced folder parts required to get your folding machine back up to maximum production.

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Parts for Folders - Service

We can troubleshoot or install replacement parts to help keep your machines running at maximum production.

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Call us today for your on-site analysis!Call us today for your on-site analysis!

We can recommend if there is a better way of producing your folding job. This may not necessarily mean that your planning is completely wrong. Let us come out and see if there could be any improvements. Sometimes binderies seem to be at the bottom of the machine upgrade list or sometimes because they have produced this way over the years does not always mean it's the best way. Will a change of imposition increase my production? Are the accessories I am using out of date, worn or just the wrong ones. These questions can all be answered with our on-site analysis.